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November 7th, 2023


About Roger Ungemach (Roger U is fine so I don't have to spell it out or explain the silent "ch").

I grew up around here, graduated from St. Anthony, then the U of M, and have lived here in Fridley since 1993. I have 5 kids who've gone to Columbia Heights and now two daughters in Fridley, one in Elementary and one in the High School. I worked as an Electrical Engineer for a large industry leading international medical manufacturing company based in Fridley from 1991 until retiring a few years back now.

I have a wide background of various work and volunteer and other experience with Teamwork being the primary component, also know some School Board members at or from other schools, and after viewing and attending Fridley School Board meetings I am confident that the routine matters of review and approval for items, planning and budgeting with fiscal responsibility, etc., the practical requirements for this position are well within my capabilities. And, I can bring more to this roundtable.

So, why do I want to run for Fridley School Board ? Well,,, I don't ! What I want is for our kids to have a school where we can trust that they are learning properly, reading, writing, math, science, english, and history that is TRUE, and not to be exposed to things that are detrimental. Like every normal parent wants.

But I have been increasingly concerned over time with the degradation of the quality of education our kids have been receiving.

My daughter in 8th grade last year brought home a standardized achievement test result from the previous year that had her doing well but also posted her class' relative ranking, against other Minnesota schools her class was in the 25th percentile ! Why is this ? Fridley makes a big deal about being "IB (International Baccalaureate) schools". Yes it was while COVID was going on but that was going on everywhere, and claiming that the tests are flawed, and now an effort to do away with them altogether does not carry any weight with me. It is simple, Fridley schools need to improve the way they are educating our kids ! A few days ago, she received another one but this time the relative ranking against other Minnesota schools was supposed to be accessible via a link. But, I couldn't get the link to work. That could be due to something on my end though, if I do get it to work I'll update this.

Often she has come home telling us of fights that occurred, that the teachers apparently can't and don't do anything about. Once there was a serious threat made to her personal safety that was very alarming to us as parents, and we were supposed to be reassured when told that the Dean had talked to the boy involved (who happened to be from a non-Judeo Christian culture). That was all, there was no informing of his parents, and no apology or any rescinding of that threat to her ever occurred. We were very concerned, but our daughter wanted us to relax about it all and thankfully there was no recurrence or further issue the rest of the year.

I asked one of her teachers about Critical Race Theory (CRT) and was assured that Oh no that is not taught here. I then asked if a curriculum did have stuff like that in it would she at least skip over it but was told that "we have to teach what they tell us to". And later I found that "Social Emotional Learning" is what they are calling it now because calling it Critical Race Theory got parents upset. And they definitely have that here. A foundational principle of this is that America is a racist country. That is just a Lie ! This country has to be the Least racist country in the whole world ! As anyone who grew up here (without being taught that Lie) well knows.

And, another thing being exposed across the country, and here in the Twin Cities as well, is that there is Pornography in schools ! There is a list of books that have been found in elementary through high schools that most of us would consider pornographic, and if found, Should Be Removed.

And there is also this issue, specifically for Minnesota though it may be the case in other states too... Julie Quist of the Child Protection League published an article in January that for Minnesota teachers to receive their teaching license they will now be required to "demonstrate a Marxist worldview". Marxism is responsible for the ruination of many countries and the murder and death of hundreds of millions of people worldwide in the last century ! Marxism is simply Evil and everyone should know this ! It should be thoroughly banished from America and taught about only as a horrendous ideology and tragic object lesson, to be scorned and rejected and avoided at all costs.

One of my daughter's 8th grade teachers said his class was studying South Africa, and made it sound like it was a good example of "de-colonization" and compared the situation there as similar to the American revolution. As I had an online instructor who had recently fled South Africa with his family for Portugal because they were white and owned a farm and the black marxist leader of the country was actually encouraging the murder and genocide of whites there and taking over their farms and this was (and probably is still) actually being done there, I had something to say about this. A revolution to become a free country as occured here in the USA is nothing like what happened there where the country was turned over to Marxist terrorists (I remember when we actually got true network news in this country, and it showed the "necklacing" that Winnie Mandela was having done to people there, where a tire was put on a person's body so it was around their torso, filled with gasoline, and lit on fire causing a horrible death !). This is the nightmare Marxism brings to a country.

Across the country and in at least one nearby school, teachers are being required to acknowledge students LGBTQ identities, parents do not need to be informed by schools when students have them. And, in some states, particularly California and Minnesota now, there are new laws that would allow kids to be removed from their parents if the parents do not accept the trans gendering of their kids !

My daughter went through a phase of wanting to wear boys' clothes. It coincided with her being placed in a special class that the school made sound like an advanced placement type thing for good students but now I have a suspicion, based on nothing else but this coincidence and the schools seeming vagueness about exactly what it was, that it may have been intended for kids identified as vulnerable. This lasted through the school year but she then spent most of that summer in the Philippines with very Catholic relatives with good kids who are good influences and came back in the fall her normal beautiful wonderful self and was not placed in that class again.

Do you know that these kids even in high school as a strong rule NEVER have homework ? She almost never brings anything home to work on, the only exception I know of being one project last year. When I was in school, as I recall we had homework often all through school, and in High School it was rare to have any day where there was none !

Rules or policies are in place across the country that require teachers and schools to "affirm kids' transgender identities", and recently hearing that a Maryland Judge's decree that schools can not allow parents to opt their kids out of pro LGBTQ sessions, I am as aghast at all of this BS as any normal parent should be.

Here are a few links to things mentioned above FYI:

I and many others have lost the confidence that we can trust our schools with the safe positive education of our kids. We need watchmen/watchpeople in the schools who are on the side of Parents to bring the Common Sense perspective to things ! But what we currently seem to have is a School Board and Superintendent and Teacher's Union and Education Association and National leadership who either actually want to implement this kind of stuff or just goes along with it.

So, in conclusion, I can do that, I'm up for the job, I'm doing some of it already just talking to them about what they're learning and experiencing in school daily and consider it part of my obligation as a Dad to watch out for my daughters. It's just the having to run for it, and get elected, that's the problem...

(I should add that I am just a normal parent with a tight personal budget and at present my campaign funding is essentially non-existent; creating this website with my basic html programming capabilites succeeds in getting information out but this result is admittedly lacking by comparison to one done by a professional. The three (including two incumbents) who seem to be pretty much running together appear to have funding from unions to pay for things like this and multiple mailings and getting their campaign signs and putting them up all over the place, I suppose the unions support them because they want things to keep going in the direction they have been...)

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